Late Saturday Walgreens Deals

Earlier this week I did a post on a few Walgreens tips.  In that post I talked about buying in small groups, don’t clear the shelf,  and place an order.  Well this week the gum was on sale for 3 for .99 cents, I wanted to buy 24 of them for a craft project. I had talked to the manager and he said come back in Saturday night, the last night of the sale.  If he still had a bunch in stock he would be happy to sale me a 24.  Being that Sunday morning a new sale would start and they would no longer be a hot item.  Well I was thrilled to find my store not only had gum left but they had just restocked many of the items…. I was so excited! My favorite cashier Patsy, greeted me with a smile and told me she just put out a whole bunch of diapers.   I am not going to list all the details because the sale is over now.  
But at normal price these would have cost $169.94
I paid $56.20
Plus I got back $20 in Register Rewards

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