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Night Games

Check out these LED night games.

Hey guys, it’s Katie. It gets pretty hot here in the afternoon. This week it’s been 100° and it’s supposed to continue and maybe go higher. Yikes! So we are inside most afternoons. Then when it finally starts to cool down a little bit, it’s only because the sun has gone down. But we don’t let that stop us from having fun outside!

Here are a few fun games to play when it’s getting (is) dark outside.Or if you are into online games, check out https://www.onlinecasinogames.com/.

We own this flashflight frisbee. Played with it on the 4th of July and took it camping. The kids love it and it’s easy to see with the LED lights when it’s dark!

Order HERE —-> Flashflight LED Light Up Flying Disc, Glow in the Dark for Night Games

  • LED FLYING DISC – With its innovative design and super-bright illumination, the Nite Ize Flashflight LED Light Up Flying Disc is suitable for serious sport and as a super fun flying disc toy. It even floats!
  • DESIGNED BY A PRO – Designed by a professional Ultimate player, this disc is 185 grams and truly balanced for long, straight flight. Flies like the highest quality non-illuminated flying discs – hands down the best light up disc available.
  • PATENTED LED TECHNOLOGY – With a patented fiber-optic array that extends all the way to the rim, this entire flying disc is illuminated from every angle.
  • BOLD AND BRIGHT – Available in four LED colors: Red, Blue, Green, and color-changing Disc-O (LED cycles through the color spectrum as you play). Measures 10.60″ x 10.60″ x 1.18″ and weighs 185g.
  • GREAT FOR NIGHT OR DAY – Don’t cut your game of Ultimate short because of the dark. Whether playing with is as a toy or for serious sport, you can play late into the night!
  • WORRY-FREE GUARANTEE – all Nite Ize products are backed by our Worry-Free Guarantee

More Frisbees HERE!!

Order HERE —-> Light Up LED Disc Golf Kit – LED Discs & Lights for Basket – (Actual Basket Not Included)

  • GlowCitys Custom Disc Golf Set Includes 3 LED Light Up Color Changeable Discs-Driver, Mid-Range, And Putter and 2 of Our LED Pucks to Illuminate Your Baskets.
  • Each Disc Has the Option to Select from Six Different Disc Colors with Push Of A Button. You’ll be Astounded at the Intensity of the Lights These Discs Glow With!
  • Comes with Two Color Changing Remote Control LED Pucks To Keep Your Cage Lit for Hours. These are also Specially Designed to be Fully Water Resistant so a Few Rain Drops or Snowflakes Won’t Hurt Them.
  • Take Disc Golf to The Next Level with This Brilliant New Product. Even if You Are Just Starting Off This is a Wonderful Innovation to Help You Start.
  • FIRST CLASS CUSTOMER SERVICE: GlowCity strives to provide the best customer service to our customers. We provide a 60-day hassle free repair/replace guarantee on all our products.

Order HERE —-> LED Badminton Shuttlecock Set , Dark Night Glow Birdies Lighting For Outdoor & Indoor Sports Activities

  • QUALITY & DURABLE : These shuttlecocks are well made by high quality construction which offering sturdy and durable physical condition. Built with goose feathers and a cork ball head, this shuttlecocks are built to last ,You don’t even have to worry to smash it hard since its solidness will not affect the LED lamp inside.
  • LIGHT WEIGHT & 4-PACK, 4 LED COLOR OPTIONS: Each shuttlecock weighs only 6.7g/0.24oz for great bounce and ease of handling,Equipped with high quality LEDs, the feather shuttlecocks turn red, green, blue and one alternates between all three colors!
  • LONG BATTERY LIFE FOR MAXIMUM FUN: LED Badminton Shuttlecock (TM) can be lit up to 20 hours just by turning the switch at the back of the cork, emphasizing badminton play even in low-light night conditions and dark environments. Never limit your possibility to play your favorite sport anywhere and anytime!
  • MOST CAPTIVATING BIRDIES: Make badminton more fun with our wonderful glowing green LED badminton shuttlecocks! Being visible in the dark thanks to their bright green LED lights, these birdies are perfect for night time and indoor playing. But you can also use them for outdoor and day playing too if you like!

Order HERE —-> Light Up LED Volleyball INCL. BALL PUMP and SPARE BATTERIES – Inside LED lights up when kicked – Glow in the Dark Volleyball – Official Size & Weight – Top Quality

  • IMPACT ACTIVATED LEDs – A high quality LED light located inside the volleyball make this ball light up and glow when bounced or kicked! It will only stay lit up when actively played and will automatically switch off after 30 seconds without action. There is no mechanical switch on the ball. This ball is much brighter than other “glow in the dark balls” you may find. They actively glow using battery powered LEDs – they are NOT just passively using fluorescence.
  • BALL PUMP, BATTERIES AND EXTRA-SET OF SPARE BATTERIES INCLUDED – The ball is delivered deflated like most other balls. A proper standard ball pump is included to easily inflate the ball and you can use it for other balls as well! The ball comes with mounted batteries and is ready to play. An extra set of spare batteries is included additionally. The batteries will last about 30 hours of playing and are easy to replace. A tool and a manual are included to make battery changing even easier.
  • HIGH QUALITY – This ball is not one of these cheap toys that will only last a couple of days. It plays just like a normal volleyball. It is made from high-quality materials, is very sturdy, durable and even waterproof! GREAT FUN – enjoy playing volleyball in twilight and dark. You, your kids, friends and even your volleyball team members will love it! The ball is very bright in the dark and can be seen from far distances!
  • OFFICIAL SIZE & WEIGHT – This ball matches the official SIZE 8 and weight. It measures: Circumference = ~ 67 cm / 26 inch, diameter = ~ 21.3 cm / 8.2 inch, weight = ~ 280 g / 9.5 oz. Size 8 is the most commonly used size in volleyball matches worldwide.
  • EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE: NIGHTMATCH provides the best customer service available in the industry. NIGHTMATCH offers a full hassle free 60 day manufacturer replacement guarantee in the case that you as our valued customer are not satisfied.

Order HERE —-> Light Up LED Soccer Ball – Uses 2 Hi-Bright LED Lights, Size 5

  • LIGHT UP SOCCER BALL SIZE 5: The GlowCity LED Soccer Ball can be seen a few hundred yards away. Making our nightball soccer ball a fantastic for those times when games run late.
  • IMPACT ACTIVATED: Our Soccer Ball has a quality like no other. Unlike waiting for a glow in the dark soccer ball to charge under light our smart LED bulbs are instant!
  • •SUPER BRIGHT: At night two Hi Bright LED’s will fully illuminate the soccer ball into a magnificent Glow. Both intensely bright LED’s are designed to fit inside the soccer ball.
  • DURABLE QUALITY: Nylon wound, very strong soccer ball. Batteries are included as well as very easily replaceable. Our rubber grommets protect the LEDs to make the soccer ball fully water resistant.
  • FIRST CLASS CUSTOMER SERVICE: GlowCity strives to provide the best customer service to our customers. We provide a 60-day hassle free repair/replace guarantee on all our products.

Order HERE —-> Official Size LED Light Up Football-Tough-Better Than Glow In The Dark

  • GlowCitys LED Light Up Football has a quality like no other. Unlike waiting for a glow in the dark football to charge under light our smart LED bulbs are instant!
  • IMPACT ACTIVATED: The Entire Ball Illuminates from the inside creating a intensely bright glowing Football then shuts off automatically when not in use.
  • DURABLE QUALITY: Our Footballs are well made and perfect for night games. You will be amazed how much fun you will have with this Ball playing at night.
  • BATTERIES INCLUDED: Ready for use, just fill it up with air and prepare to be amazed! Our pre-installed Impact Activated LED you will be ready to play. Batteries are also Replaceable for continued use.

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