Lego Door Thrifty Lego Party Decorations #LegoParty (Lego Party Ideas)

lego door - Thrifty lego party decorations, #legoparty, #lego, #party, #decorations, #thriftypartydecor

Lego Door Thrifty Lego Party Decorations

My kids are obsessed with legos.  Really obsessed.  I know I am not the only parent with kids that love legos, because seriously the brand is huge!

So it wasn’t a huge surprise to me when my 9 year old picked Lego Movie for his birthday party theme.   I was kind of excited about it, because there is so many thrifty, fun things you can do to decorate for a lego themed party!

Here is one of the party decoration ideas we came up with.

lego door - Thrifty lego party decorations, #legoparty,#party, #lego, #decorations, #thriftypartydecor

You will need:

plastic party tablecloth (color of your choice)

small paper plates in the same color as tablecloth

packing tape or something that is strong enough to hold the plates on for the length of your party

Even better, you should be able to get everything at the dollar store, or in the party section of your favorite store for cheap!

Begin by trimming your table cloth down to the size of your door, if it is a door that will be being used.  If you aren’t using the door, it is even easier.  We did our coat closet and so I was able to just tape it onto the inside of the door.  I wasn’t worried about that part being pretty!  However, if you are doing a door that the inside will be seen, be sure to trim it down and tape it along the top, bottom, and sides where the tape will be hidden.  Also poke a hole for the door knob.

Once you are done taping up your tablecloth, put a piece of packing tape on the back of your paper plates so that they will stick to the front of your tablecloth.  For our normal sized door I used 8 plates.

Easy enough, right?  As the boys came in for the party they thought it was awesome that there was a giant lego!  This would also make a great backdrop for a photo booth!  Include some fun props and watch the party guests ham it up for the camera!

lego door - Thrifty lego party decorations, #lego, #legoparty, #party, #decorations, #thriftypartydecor


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