Let me tell you a little story about our trip to McDonald’s

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Aren’t these the cutest little fries you have ever seen! They made me smile


Ok so it had been a LONG day, started off as normal getting kids off the school.  Kids refusing to put shoes on the right feet and me shoving Banana bread and  orange juice down them, finding their backpacks, sign their school papers and get them out the door just in time for the school bus to come.  Then ready for round two, get my two little ones showered and dressed, drop one off to preschool, come back to get the house picked up cause I have a meeting at noon. Oh ya did I mention I had to do a few blog posts inbetween as well…. busy busy busy.

But then it all  stopped when I found out my next door neighbor passed away.  She had brain cancer so we knew it was coming but it is always still kind of a shock.  Her daughter came over to talk, and at that point all my “daily” plans went out the window.  Before I knew it,  it was 6:00 and I had to go get my daughter from dance practice, and dinner was still not done…. AHHH my menu plan was not going to work out.

So what do I do?  Well the kids were already in the car since we were picking my 6 year old up from dance… so I made a last minute change of plan and decided to take advantage of 1/2 Price Happy Meal night at my local McDonald’s.  Our local McDonald’s every Tuesday from 5-7 Happy Meals are only $1.69… yes a thrifty deal.  I announced to the kids that we were going to pick up Happy Meals for dinner and you would have thought I just told them we were getting a puppy… the way they squealed with excitement.

Once we got home the older 3 ran inside and plopped right down to the dinner table… leaving little Maveric to carry his in all by himself.  We finally all made it inside … and the excitement begins.  Ahh the joy a few Chicken Nuggets or Cheeseburger can bring.   Since we do not get the chance to eat out very often my kids feel pretty darn special when they not only get the meal, but a drink and toy as well 🙂

Now I know how some people feel about McDonalds.  But I have nothing but nice things to say about a company that offered me a place to sleep at night  while my baby boy was having heart surgery.   I cook most of our meals at home.  But I will say their french fries make me rather happy…( am I the only mom that makes their kids wait to eat their food till they get home, but in the darkness I sneak a few hot fries….ssshhh don’t tell)

Not sure if you knew this or not but Kids Meals now come with both fries and Apples… Fries come in a smaller box (just about the cutest little box I have ever seen) and the apples also come with a few less in them….but you get both!  I am loving that!  Plus you get milk or soda!

Last but not least when my kids finish their meals they get to open their toy…. we now have 4 of these….. but the kids love them 🙂

So moral of the story, even A Thrifty Mom has crazy busy days, meal plan goes out the window… and it is ok!

Please know that this post is in no way endorsed or affiliated with McDonald’s… I just felt like sharing our dinner journey with you:)

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