Life hack: Removing sticky residue from price tags

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Life hack-Removing sticky residue from price tags

Life hack: Removing sticky residue from price tags


I hate when I buy something that has a tag on it that is really in the way. Why do they insist on putting them on there? At least put them on the back!

Well we have a fool proof trick that gets them off without having to pick at it forever and it takes that sticky residue off in a breeze. Are you ready? Nail polish remover! That is it! Just dab a little on a cotton ball and rub in circular motions on the sticker. It comes off with no effort and in seconds!

Ok, so the picture of the process definitely isn’t good, but I was trying to get the tag off and wasn’t thinking about the pictures, sorry.

life hack, taking price tags off

This is great for taking tickets off of anything with a smooth surface. Be sure to test it on a small area if you are using it on something with paint, or pattern to be safe.

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