Lime Puddin Recipe

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Thanks to The Thrifty, Nifty, Crafty Mom for passing along this beautiful creation and recipe for Lime Pudding cups .  Looks like a cool yummy treat my family would love! Can’t wait to try them.  Plus they look rather fancy… which is always fun :).  If you would like to be a featured guest post on Look What I Made, watch for our weekly post each Tuesday called A Thrifty online craft fair, link up and you may be selected for our weekly feature post.

This is one of my favorite treats. I made it yesterday for FHE. It is super fast and simple to make, the best part is that there is no cooking or baking involved!

To make it you need:

  • 1 large ziploc bag
  • 1 whisk
  • 1 can of sweet condensed milk
  • 4 large limes
  • Goya Maria crakers [graham crackers or nilla wafers will work too]
  • whipped cream [optional]

Start by squeezing the juice out of the limes.  To do this i used an orange juicer.
*Tip: place the lime on the counter top and roll firmly under your hand to loosen the pulp, this will make it easier to squeeze and you will get more juice out of it.

Next, pour all of the sweet condensed milk into a mixing bowl and slowly add the lime juice [to taste] while mixing with the whisk.

*If you want this to be super tart, then go ahead and pour all of the juice in. If you don’t want such a tart pudding then pour a bit at a time until it has the flavor you desire.

Mix real good for a custard-like consistency…
Cover the mixture and set it aside in the fridge

Now, dump all of the crackers into a ziploc bag and break apart for a . Use your hands or a rolling pin [like me] You want a coarse crust with lotsa big crumbs in it, so don’t crush too much.

There are different ways to present this dessert; I chose to go with individual portions into tiny dessert cups but you could also serve it in a casserole dish or tiny ramekens.
Start with a layer of crumbs then a thin layer pudding and continue till you’re near the top. Add some whip cream and garnish with a bit of crumbs and lime zest. Add a slice of lime on the edge just for looks and serve it up!

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