Little Debbie Giveaway ~ 5 Readers Each win a CASE of Little Debbie Cupcakes, enter to win

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We had two birthdays this month and both times I needed to take the “Birthday Cupcakes” to the party… have you ever hauled 20-30 cupcakes in a car?  I  can never seem to get them all to the final destination in one piece.   SO this year I asked the kids if it would be ok to bring Little Debbie Cupcakes instead.  After all my kids LOVE them, they are cream filled and  have chocolate frosting, the white little swirl on top makes them look all fancy and lets not forget they are easy to transport!  Pretty much the perfect treat …. a huge thumbs up for me.


Little Debbie Chocolate Cupcakes would be perfect to add to an Easter Basket this weekend! Did you know that  McKee Foods is a family-owned bakery that’s been making Little Debbie snacks for 53 years? The cupcakes combine delicious, moist chocolate cake, sweet creme filling and a rich chocolaty icing. Each package has eight individually wrapped cakes in each carton. The cupcakes are also available as single-serve with two cakes packaged together for only 99 cents!


So would you like to win a CASE of your very own  Little Debbie Chocolate Cupcakes?  (The retail value is $37.08 per case. There are 12 cartons of the Cupcakes in each case.) Life just seems so much sweeter when you see the UPS man bring you a WHOLE case of Little Debbie Chocolate Cupcakes.

5 Lucky winners will EACH win their very own case of Little Debbie Chocolate Cupcakes…. that is 96 cupcakes per winner 🙂

To enter to win

  • Leave a comment on this post telling me what your favorite Little Debbie Treat is… or what you would do with 96 cupcakes.

More ways to enter to win (leave a comment for each, or tell us you already to the following)

Last day to enter the giveaway is  3/31/13 at 10pm mtn time.  Thanks to Little Dabbie  for sending me this information as well as offering  the prize.  I was  not paid for this post, but was given products to review all opinions are my own. You must supply a valid email address at time of posting comment. We never sell or trade emails. Winner will be chosen by Giveaway is promoted by A Thrifty as a media outlet. Winner must live in the USA, 18 years or older and void where prohibited. Prize pack will be shipped buy the sponsor of the gift pack. Sponsored Post



  1. Thank you very much! I just sent in my info and am thrilled winning this giveaway!

  2. I would love to have these for my sons 8th grade graduation party. 30 teenage boys eat like garbage disposals.

  3. Both, hubby and daughter’s birthday was just this past Friday, was not able to celebrate big, but planning to sometime in April. This would be great to have for their party. I like A Thrifty Mom and Little Debbie on Facebook. 😉

  4. My favorite Little Debbies are the Swiss Miss Rolls! I LOVE them! If I won, I would donate a LOT of them to the food pantry and to my friends and family if they wanted some! I would definitely share!! I liked you on facebook 🙂

  5. I havent had Little Debbie’s items for so long now, I dont think I have a favorite, but those cupcakes sure look good!

  6. we like all the Little Debbie stuff but  cupcakes and nutty bars are our favorite

  7. I like nutty bars, my husband likes the Swiss cake rolls, and we both enjoy the cupcakes.

  8. I would donate to our local homeless shelter in town here because I know that would be a treat for them. I love little Debbie’s fudge brownies, my family also loves little Debbie’s and there quality of there food.

  9. Following A Thrifty Mom on twitter and tweeted:

  10. I would send a bunch to my daughter’s school, and give some to all my neighbors! I don’t tweet, but did the other 3.

  11. My favorite is the cupcakes! I would take treats for school in both my son and daughters class!

  12. this is my fav and sad as this is i would eat them with my 2 lil ones .. all of em lmao not gonna lieeeeee

  13. I would share them with the special needs scrapbooking class that I volunteer with.

  14. I love Little Debbie Star Crunch. They were always my favorite summer camp treat as a kid!

  15. I know several families that I would share the cakes with. one lady has 5 grandchildren that uses them for school lunches. not hard to find folks willling to take ”extra” cakes when I have them.

  16. my favorites are the cupcakes! I would host a large little debbie going away party for us if we win, since we move the end of may and are pcsing to a new base!

  17. With all those cupcakes we could have a great dessert for my daughters graduation open house!

  18. The food pantry at my church is looking for treats for the children. . .as something for their lunch box or as a snack at home.  I am hoping to win, so I can give them to the Holy Trinity Food Pantry in Missouri.  Thank you.

  19. For sure chocolate cupcakes!!  My students would love them as a treat as would my own kiddos.

  20. Swiss cake rolls!!! Yum!!!
    I’d eat, share with family, & friends, and take some to church for the “feed the hungry” supper on Thursday nights.

  21. following   A Thrifty Mom  and Little Debbie     on twitter  @left_the_stars  
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  22. I like    A Thrifty Mom   on facebook  (Louis H Uffmire)
    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  23. I like     Little Debbie     on facebook  (Louis H Uffmire)
    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  24. I love Nutty Bars 🙂
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway
    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  25. I would have a cupcake and video game party with my husband and get our fill before giving some sweets to friends.

  26. follow a thrifty mom and little debbie on twitter-

  27. i would donate them – i dont eat them b/c they are too fattening, so i would donate them to some good cause or event.

  28. I love Little Debbie Swiss Rolls and with 6 kids and friends 96 cupcakes wouldn’t last long around here!

  29. My husband and I love the chocolate cupcakes and pretty much anything by Little Debbie.

  30. 96 cupcakes would delight my 5 year old’s Pre K class in addition to helping out my college freshman with “sharing the wealth” to his starving college dorm mates.  🙂

  31. 96 cupcakes would delight my 5 year old’s Pre K class in addition to helping out my college freshman with “sharing the wealth” to his starving college dorm mates.  🙂

  32. I love Little Debbie cupcakes, I’d be set for awhile with 96 cupcakes! Ok, I might share with my friends and family! 😉

  33. I follow you on twitter  sandyv1955

  34. I would send to my daughter and she would freeze some and uses for grandchildrens lunches

  35. I would use them as birthday party treats for my children’s classes. It’s easier than baking dozens of cupcakes!

  36. My favorite is the oatmeal cream pies! My daughter even loves to get boxes of them as gifts!

  37. My favorite is Nutty Bars.
    I would use the Chocolate Cupcakes for Sunday School Children.

  38. We love the Nutty bars, but I know my daughter’s classmates would love some cupcakes too 🙂

  39. Following on twitter and liked Little Debbie. My favorites are the chocolate cupcakes with a tall glass of milk. What I would do with all the cupcakes is give some to my sons class and his soccer team and the rest to play tea party with my little girl.

  40. If I had 96 cupcakes my kids soccer teams would be eating sweet on my day to provide snacks and drinks!

  41. I am signed up for updates through Google Reader as Maryann D.
    macdrap50 at gmail dot com

  42. I like the Cosmic Brownies and I would share the cupcakes with co-workers and family.

  43. I would LOVE to win this.  My hubby takes these everyday to work and it would save me a load of money!

  44. actually this is our favorite little debbie treat. We will eat them and be merry. thanks for the chance!

  45. I follow both on twitter as @crazygirl24.  I tweeted, but for some reason cannot copy and paste.

  46. My favorite Little Debbie snacks are the brownies with candy pieces on top!  🙂

  47. We love Little Debbie Cupcakes! I would put them in my daughter’s lunch for school… Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  48. Want to see 96 cupcakes disappear in a flash?  Put them in the break room at my office!  We do love to eat.

  49. What would I do with them….I have 5 kids and all of there friends-Enough said. LOL
    Our favorite is exactly that! Those chocolate cupcakes, Yum!!

  50. I would bring them down to our local homeless shelter, and keep a couple for my kids 🙂

  51. Geez….if I won all of those cupcakes, a lot of family and friends would be so chocolately happy!!  🙂

  52. That’s a lot of cupcakes, but they would not go to waste in my house between my husband and the 3 grandkids always over here!

  53. My family likes the swiss rolls.  I would send them to school for two 11 year olds birthdays in May.

  54. following on twitter and tweeting about this fabulous DELICIOUS giveaway #littledebbie


  56. I would gain 10 pounds, lol. I would share with all my family. I follow you on facebook. 🙂

  57. My favorite Little Debbie is the Swissroll.  If I won a case I would put them in the freezer and save them for football season.  They would be perfect snack for the whole team!

  58. my favorite Little Debbie is either the chocolate cupcakes or the oatmeal. I’d use the cupcakes to put in the kids lunches for school.

  59. The Chocolate cupcakes are definitely MY favorite. With a family of 5 they would get ate….fast. LOL!
    jandplee at att dot net

    • @Janet W
      Congrats You are one of the winners to our Little Debbie Giveaway!
      You have 48 hrs to respond to our email at
      with your mailing address, thanks and congrats!

      • @athriftymom  @Janet W – Thank you so much!  I emailed you my information this morning.   My family is going to enjoy these! Thanks again!

  60. Swiss Cake Rolls are my favorite. I’d share with my husband, daughter, son in law, and grandsons!

  61. 96 cupcakes…all mine!  No, actually, I would share them with the Sunday School program at church.

  62. The fudge brownies or these cupcakes are the best!  I’m a teacher, so using them as incentives for the class would be great use of lots of cupcakes.

  63. I like the nutty butter bars. Swiss rolls etc etc Its so hard to choose just one. 🙂

  64. I love stuff like the Devil Squares and Zebra Cakes!  What would I do with 96 cupcakes?  Eat them of course!  (With a lil’ help from my family and friends.)

  65. The cupcakes are my husband’s favorite Little Debbie treats so I would probably give most of them to him as a treat in his lunchbox. 🙂 My favorites are the Nutty Bars. 🙂

    • Also, I “liked” A Thrifty Mom and Little Debbie and started following both on Twitter And signed up for A Thrifty Mom posts via email. 🙂

  66. I would have a party at my daughter’s pre-school for all of the kids. The parents would probably hate me but I’d be the coolest mom ever to all of the kids.

  67. I would have a party at my daughter’s pre-school for all of the kids. The parents would probably hate me but I’d be the coolest mom ever to all of the kids. 🙂

  68. My sons who are grown now and living on their own would love to have them as a surprise.

  69. I would love to share these with my students in my class and my daughter’s classes too!

  70. Fudge Rounds are great!  Will freeze the cupcakes to keep for snacks and also give some to family/friends!

  71. There is too many favorites to just  name one but the last one i just bought was swiss rolls. 🙂
    If I won all those cupcakes I would use them in lunches I have to pack every day. Give some to my  family members and use what even amount I would need for my grand daughters 1st Birthday.

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