Live Laugh Cook ~ Cookbooks for SMARD/SMA research

Live Laugh Cook ~ Cookbooks are $20 each and for a great cause.  Follow the link and purchase them on the right side bar.

Ryan and Kendra were married in November of 2006. They welcomed their beautiful Makenzie Rye on July 18, 2009. What a life they had with her. She was the most beautiful, most happy, most healthy baby they had ever seen. She came out smiling and never stopped. She changed their world the moment she took her first breath. She brought the greatest amount of joy into the lives of everyone around her. No one ever imagined there was ever a problem with this sweet little girl.  The day before her 4-month birthday Makenzie was admitted to Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah where she was kept alive by machines, medication and doctors. Kendra never left her side. They fought hard for their daughter until she couldn’t fight anymore.  This family lived an amazing life full of the purest of love for almost 5 months. On December 13, 2009 Makenzie grew her angel wings. A rare disease called SMARD is what took her life. 

SMARD is a genetic neuromuscular disease.  Both Ryan and Kendra are carriers of this disease, which leave them with a 1 in 4 chance that their children will be born with SMARD.  As for their dream to expand their family, it has forced the Webster’s to look for other options. 

The reason for these cookbooks  is because they now understand they can’t bring a healthy child into this world without some external help. We decided in September of 2011 that we were going to use a sperm donor. We used these cookbooks as a way to help pay for all the expenses surrounding getting pregnant. After 3 rounds of IUI they are now pregnant!!! Due September 20th. They still have tons of cookbooks that will still be put toward the cost of getting to this point. There are so many expenses that occur and of course insurance won’t help cover anything.

Ryan and Kendra completed their second fundraiser in July 2011 to help find a cure for this horrible disease. To date they have helped raise over $20,000 for SMARD/SMA research. 

They are praying and listening, hoping to find the path God has in store for them. 
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