Local Clearance deal at Walmart

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Deal on Malt O Meal Cereal at  WalMart on State Street

malt o mealThanks to Teri for passing this along

My daughter had to go to WalMart for some stuff so I went with her.  I happened to notice that back by the cheese was a portable shelve with some clearance items on it.  They had lots of Malt o Meal cereal for .50(yes Fifty Cents!)a bag.  They were the smaller bags.  There was Cinnamon Toasties, the fruit loop like ones and the ones like frosted miniwheats.  The cinnamon toasties are good until May 30 2010.  I picked a bunch up for my teenage son cause he loves them and he doesn’t have a normal stomach he has a black hole instead.  These bags were 10 ounces so it works out to half a cent an ounce if I’m doing the math right.  Hope this helps someone else.

Thanks to Dawn for this update,

There are printable coupons at:


I live in Utah, but my local Walmart gives me the entire coupon amount off, even if it is more than the item. So you could possibly make money on this cereal!

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