Q&A- Albertsons coupon

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Can you use the Albertson’s coupon for the 2lb. cheese for $2.99 + the $1.00 printable Q + a doubler? I was wondering if anyone has tried that out. If you have more items (in the end)than Q’s, will they accept all Q’s for 1 product?


You can use One in store coupon and One manufacturer coupon on one item… BUT most the local stores will not allow you to use an in-store coupon and a twice the value coupon  and a Manf. coupon on the same products.  The reason is both of these are a store coupon….they would require them to give you two discounts causing the store to loose money on that item.

When you use an in store  and a manufacturer coupon or ( a twice the value coupon and a  manufacturer coupon) yes you are able to use two coupons giving you a great price… but the store is only giving you one discount and the manufacturer coupon pays the other discount.

Remember that EVERY store is a little different they are all suppose to be the same…but it is clear they all do things a little differnt.  SO if your store allows you to use both store coupons with a manf. coupon  then that is fine but be aware not all stores will.

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