Local Rowdy Sale

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Thanks to Camille for this info, I have recently been contracted to sell all the Manufacture seconds for a company called Rowdy products.  Rowdy products manufacture baby products.  They make amazing diaper bags, that are completely CUTE and designed with mom in mind.  


The bags retail for $89.00 – $120.00

I’m selling the seconds for $5.00 – $30.00.

Price is determined by the extent of damage. For example, a $30.00 bag might have a very small flaw that is not noticeable, or may be marked “could not find flaw”. A $5.00 bag will have major damage such as a defective main zipper. 

Last chance sale will beheld June 6th, 7am – 3pm (If the bags last that long…)

Rock Hampton II Subdivision, (located near Lake Hazel and Cloverdale in Boise) 
on the corner of Mardia and Apsley.


 For  more photos and info click here

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