Q&A- Why doesn’t everyone coupon?

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I got this email the other day;

  I was just wondering what your experience has been before your blog.  I am super excited about couponing and I love getting all the good deals I’ve been getting so naturally I want to teach my new found hobby to other people like friends and family.  It seems like every time I try to let another in on my bargain secrets, they are amazed by my savings, but a few weeks later when I check to see how they are doing, nothing.  For example, I sat down with my sister in law, went over all the basics like how to get, organize and use coupons, answered her questions, gave her some extra inserts, and even took her to a coupon class, but she hasn’t done any couponing yet.  I offered to take her shopping sometime, but yet she doesn’t call.  I took my sister shopping with me one day to teach her the ropes, and after a couple of hours, she seemed really annoyed instead of excited.  I don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want to use coupons, especially the way the economy is lately.  I guess I’m just a little disappointed because it would be nice to have someone to share a hobby and go shopping with, plus I hate seeing people I care about spending their hard earned money on things I know I’ve gotten for free.  What is the deal??  I guess couponing isn’t for everyone.  Have you had any experiences like this?


I have to admit most of my family and friends do NOT coupon.  I think that is why I kept my coupon secrets to myself for so long.  I know some of my friends think my coupon habit is a little odd, and some of them think I am down right crazy.  That is why I love my blog, because I can chat all day about my good deals and you all get excited too.  

There is a time and a place for everything.  I know many people who have lost their jobs, would have never dreamed of using coupons  in the past.  But they have found it as a way to help their family make it.  It does take time and effort but most of us enjoy it for the most part, or we would not do it.  It has become a hobby for me really.  I guess we all have things we enjoy. For example I think ALL my friends have read the Twilight books….but I have never even picked one up?  They all think I am crazy, but I guess I do not know what I am missing so I do not really care.

What do you all think?  Why do some of us love it…..and others think this new trend is crazy?

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