Local support needed for Valley Crisis Center

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Its time to clear out your surplus and donate it!crisis center

Stephanie sent me this email,

Today I ran into my house, thankful to get out of the cold windy weather.  Then I thought about all those who do not have any homes to escape the bad weather, so I called Valley crisis to see if they are in need of anything.  I found out that they are so close to shutting down the shelter.  This shelter provides a safe place for women and children from physical and sexual abuse.  As the economy continues to be bad, violence and abuse increases.  As the economy continues to be bad, the government cut cost to important funding such as shelters.  Five years ago this shelter received $300,000 to keep their doors open and serve three meals a day.  Now they only receive $100,000 and the employees have not been getting paid recently.

  • Some of the grocery items they need include:
  • Meat (hamburger, hotdogs, etc.)
  • Cleaning supplies (pine sol, dish soap)
  • Paper/bathroom items (toilet paper, personal items)
  • Over the counter medicine like Robitussin, Day Quill, cough drops

I know we get things free with our coupons, and sales.  I was hoping we could all come together, and donate a few of our items to the shelter.  If you are willing and able to help, even if it is just one or two items, the overall impact would be great.  You would be helping women and children who need it.

If we could all plan on emptying our surplus and bring it on Saturday the 14th to Albertsons in Nampa on 12th & Greenhurst. They have some ladies who will be there that day to hand out brochures and answer questions anyone may have about the Valley Crisis Center.

Here is more info about the Crisis Center

Valley Crisis Center is an Idaho 501 c3 non-profit organization.
The Executive Director is: Yolanda Matos  Phone: 467-4130
We have 8 full time employees, 5 part time employees, and use volunteers regularly.

Valley Crisis Center is a domestic violence shelter that began as a grassroots endeavor over 25 years ago in Nampa, Idaho. We operate a 24-hour crisis line answered by trained staff members 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our programs, as well as our brochures are offered in English and Spanish plus we have bi-lingual counselors and case managers. All of our services and programs are offered at no charge.

Our current facility was built in 1999, expanding shelter capabilities from 20 beds to 63 beds. We have a commercial style kitchen (we serve 3 meals and a snack every day), large pantry, dining room, and common area with a large screen TV for moms and their children, plus a smaller room for single ladies to enjoy reading or television without children.  Our new facility also houses our administration offices, counseling and case management offices, private intake room, and a conference room.

Our services and programs include: shelter, individualized one-on-one therapy, group counseling sessions, case management, court advocacy, legal aid screening, transitional housing, community and law enforcement education and training, and more.

Our funding is program-specific and VCC must rely on community donations of cash, food, and other items to continue our programs and services. Those programs receiving federal funds have been affected by sharp decreases over the past 6 years in funding availablity. Most grantors such as foundations, also request you apply for funds for a specific program, not just for “operational money”. This makes it hard to pay the bills for day to day operation of the shelter.

In 2008 Valley Crisis Center sheltered 545 women and their children, and served 38,297 meals.  We also provided services to another 1,591 women and children and received 3,843 calls for assistance.  We provide information and referrals to those who do not qualify for our programs.

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