Local Update at Albertsons

Thanks to Megan for this info,

Just an FYI

I was at the Greenhurst Albertsons this morning and talked to to the lady who orders non grocery stuff.

She told me that she called Catalina this morning and they told her that the $12 catalina should continue to print until the 11th and the $15 will continue until the 14th.

So the double dipping will go through Tuesday!

She told me that she was going to go pick more product up at the warehouse today.

She still has lots of Q-tips. I’d say about 1/2 a pallet.

She was going to pick up Lotion, Dove hair care, Suave Professional, and Suave kids.

She said that they should be at the store after 2pm today (Monday)

Oh, they also had the All on the shelf this morning, and more varieties of the Klondike bars.

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