Guardian Soldier

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Thanks to Pamela for this info,

Guardian Soldiers Inc. is a non profit organization that sends care packages to our troops overseas. They would like to start collecting more of the items that soldiers really WANT and NEED. The military does not supply a lot of items the soldiers like to have.

For example, sometimes soldiers are a long distance from a base which means no showers, so “Wet Ones” or any kind of body wipes are something they really like to have. 

Food wise, Sunflower Seeds and Jerky are often requested so they can really use a lot of those. You can CLICK HERE to view a list of many, many items wanted. 

You can also sign a soldier up for a care package on that page. While your there, sign up as a follower to show your support.

If you have coupons for FREE items you would like to donate, they do have a store that will honor them. They also want pens and such, well, with the “hot” bic coupons right now maybe some folks could send them some coupons in the mail so they can be on the look out for FREE after coupon deals!

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