Magic Eraser 50 for only $3.80 shipped FREE ~ RUN and order yours (4 1/2 star reviews too)

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magic eraser

HURRY HURRY HURRY these are back in stock… I posted them  3  months ago and they sold out within 24 hours.  SO hurry and grab yours while you can.

If you like to clean with magic erasers, then you need to check out this amazing deal… gets 5 stars on products reviews too!  Makes them just $.06 each WOW… just WOW!!!

50Pcs/lot ERASER CLEANER MAGIC MELAMINE SPONGE CLEANING 10x6x2CM $3.80 To get the 50 count to pull up you need to just click the 50 option on the small boxes next to the price.

100 ct ERASER CLEANER MAGIC MELAMINE SPONGE CLEANING is $6.00 with free shipping options.


ALL ship FREE with no minimum order, but HURRY before the price goes back up! Please note shipping may take up for 3 weeks.

  • This magic sponge removes stain or dirt with water. This is a strong multi-functional cleaner. This sponge can be cut into any size for a suitable shape.
  • Size : 6cm*10cm*2cm
  • Made of eco materials comprised of ultrafine fibers and particles, the content of this cutting-edge product is as fine as 1/10 000 of hair.


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Please note that Amazon priced tend to change often so prices may be higher or lower without notice.



  1. Get a spray bottle and put half vinegar half Dawn and spray in tub or shower let sit for a bit =Best tub cleaner EVER!!!

  2. Just ordered! Thanks for posting this deal! Even though they may not be the best quality, they will work and are a great deal!

  3. I’m willing to chance it for 5.85$ when magic erasers cost that for 6 count.

  4. EH’ Im leary to buy these . i’ve bought the off-brand ones in the past and they fall apart almost instantly after getting wet. magic eraser brand does work much better

  5. Mine took months to get here as well. And they are certainly not the quality of Magic Eraser. Still a good deal, just go through more.

  6. The 100 pack is just as good of a deal at 9.98 free SH 🙂 ….Just saw that the 50 price raised to 6.35 within minutes of posting, so hurry. THANKS Thrifty MoM!

  7. I ordered some took 2 months to get here I used 1 the other day to clean the tub and I didnt even get to finish cleaning the tub and it fell apart.

  8. I wouldn’t buy them again, even for as cheap as they are. They are a “one use” product. They have no durability at all.

  9. They aren’t as sturdy as Mr. Clean, but they work really well. You go through them quicker, but at least they cost a lot less.

  10. Dang I should’ve read the comments before ordering. I paid $17 for the 200. I use them a lot so it’s still a good deal.

  11. The price hasn’t changed. Make sure you are clicking on the 200 pc or the 50 pc. you will see the price change when you do that

  12. So glad you posted this! I usually buy the 2 pack at dollar tree and thought that was a great deal but this is awesome!

  13. Just ordered them ,I used some of my $ 50 gift card I won on a contest, hope they are at least decent

  14. I purchased and received two wks ago. They are HORRIBLE. Not worth it

  15. I tried these and noticed they aren’t as sturdy as Mr. Clean sponges but they work every bit as well–you just have to replace them more frequently. I just ordered more from your link–thanks.

  16. Janie Moorman-Drake – I just ordered two of the 10 packs, but figured you might want to snag a hundred!

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