Magic for your “uuuggghhh” teeth ~ Funny things kids say

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baby teeth

8 year old ~ Mom look at these funny teeth I found

Me ~ Those are my old teeth, well a mold of my teeth when I was in middle school

8 year old ~ Your teeth don’t look like this, these teeth go “uuugghhh” (sticking her teeth out, and lifting her upper lip) and starting to laugh.

Me ~ That was before I had braces, they were really crooked

8 year old ~ Wow, those braces where like magic they took the “uuuggghhh” right out of your teeth.

Me ~ laughing…. yes I guess so.   But don’t laugh t0o much when your big girl teeth grow in, you might get “uuuggghhhh” teeth too.

8 year old ~ Gets a shocked looked on her face…. Oh no (as she put her fingers in her mouth to feel her teeth)

I winked at her and gave her a big squeeze.


    • Very cute. I’m on my 3rd try to get rid of my uuuuggggghhhh teeth. Hopefully the 3rd time’s the charm!

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