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We got this great tip from one of our Tennessee readers:

Sarah – I love your blog! Even though you’re not a local one (I’m in east TN) I still get great leads on coupons or Walmart deals from you.

Here’s a tip that hubby showed ME (courtesy of his late mom)… Split the packages of pre-seasoned rices and pastas in ½ so they go further and you eat better! Let me explain: despite our crazy schedules we’ve been trying to eat more veggies/greens, but hubby is absolutely addicted to starch (and I like it too!). He always likes to have some sort of rice or pasta with dinner, and for convenience I often use the boxed Pastaronis or Knorr sides w/ Veggies. The problem is that when you make the entire bag/box, that’s a big serving for each of us. Way more than we should have. Even if I spoon out 2 smaller servings and pack the rest away in a leftovers container, I end up forgetting about the extra. I’ve actually been TOSSING the extra the night we make it b/c to me it’s no less a waste than when it starts becoming its own small science experiment in the fridge (and that way I don’t have to deal with the toxic removal/cleanup).

I can’t believe stupid me never thought to just open the package of DRY contents, evenly distribute the contents between 2 small zip-top sandwich bags, and then either place them back in the orig open package OR just copy out the amt of water/oil needed for the new portion onto the baggie itself (along with what flavor it is). It’s usually pretty easy; most of these boxed rice/pasta dinners need 2 cups of water and a splash of oil and that’s it. Now, we get TWICE the mileage from one of those sides and we don’t overdo it.


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