Make your own hair accessories board ~ DIY Hair Bow Holder

Hair bow holder, great way to organize hair bows, clips, headbands and ribbons #DIYWith two little girls in the house we have hair clips, flowers, head bands and ribbons all over the house.  We have a drawer from them in the bathroom, but they are a jumbled mess.   So making a hair  accessories board has been on my to-do list for some time now.

My friend DeAnna gave me this magnet board about 5 years ago from Christmas.  She made it, so I loved it…but once we moved to our new house I never found a place to hang it.  So it never got put back up and sat in my closet.  The other day I had an idea… I thought hmmm that would look cute in  the girls bathroom.  I took the back off and tied ribbon around the middle, and tied it in a knot.

I then put the metal sheet back into place, I added a few nails to make sure it would not pop out.

You could make this same board by using an frame

Since it is a magnet board I added a few magnets to items like a brush and a jar of pony tail holders.  I just used a super glue dot to hold it in place.

Then it was time for the girls to add their clips, head bands and ribbons.

I left one of the ribbons rather loose and then used glue dots to create segments to hang their hand bands on.

The girls love it and I have fun making a “girl project” with my little cuties.

I love it when I can re-purpose something and save money!


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