Merry Christmas from Sarah and Matt

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Merry Christmas Everyone!

Each year as a family we get all of the kids a new set of footie pajamas, no matter their age. Well this year we had a Christmas party that was a pajama Christmas party. I was just planning on going in a long shirt and baggy pajama pants. Well this year Matt, my hubby, went and bought this matching set of adult footie pajamas. I laughed so hard when I saw them. They even have a butt flap in the back that pulls open. We attended the entire party with them on. Surprisingly they are so comfy! I thought we would show up and then change into some shorts or something, but we ended up being cozy all night at the party, and had so much fun! So thanks to Matt we might have to continue the tradition of getting the kids their own footie pajamas, but will have to include some for us too!



So this year, as we close out the year and bask in the Christmas spirit, hopefully everyone will remember that our family is what matters most. And that these little traditions that many of us do, may not seem like much at the moment, but actually are the fun things we remember years and years later. The toy of the year will break or get lost in the months to come. The hot fashion trends will come and go and we will never be able to keep up with them all. But the little moments we spend with our family and the silly little things we do are actually the memories we all make and keep. So no matter if you max out your credit cards, which we hope you didn’t, or if you checked everything off the Christmas Wish list, it is always the little things that matter. Those hand made gifts that we give to our loved ones, are the ones we cherish the most. They will be the gifts still being used, and carefully put away for years to come.