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When I teach my coupon classes I always end by saying remember to be  a “Mom” first and an “A Thrifty Mom” second.  It is very important for me to save money, but spending time with my family is even more important (sometimes I forget what is most important).   I started this blog in an effort to help my close friends and family save money.  I never dreamed people I didn’t even know would read my site.  Or that it would become such a huge part of our daily life, and turn into a full time job.

I was busy before  I started this blog, and trying to fit  everything I needed  to do in a day….does not always work.  It is a constant balance of what is most important, and choices.  Sometimes that means my family does not get the time they should, and I realized I need to fix that.    If you noticed the last few days I have not been posting as much, I am even  late getting many of the store match ups done.  Was it because I was out shopping Black Friday deals???  No, ( well I did hit the midnight, Walmart  PJ sale)  instead I decided to just focus on my family.

I have spent the last 3 days with my family.  Telling stories, eating left over turkey, playing silly games, watching  movies in Grandmas living room….. laughing so hard my side hurts and just taking time to live my life.   Yes I missed out on all the Walgreens Freebies, and the 5 days of Albertsons doubles.  But there is ALWAYS going to be another sale.  This week it was more important for me to just be Sarah the wife, mom, sister, daughter, aunt, & friend.  It was a great weekend to recharge, and build memories with my family.  I hope you were able to do the same.  Have a wonderful Sunday!

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