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Most days I feel like I am a pretty good Mom.  I am able to keep things in perspective, keep my cool and remember that good or bad most things only last a moment.  I have been asked many times why or how I always take photos of my kids (even when they do naughty things)  I almost ALWAYS have my camera in my pocket, I take photos daily and try to capture  the joy they bring to me within a photo. It also helps me keep my cool, (some people count to 10 so they don’t blow up…I take a photo)  I helps me take a minute to think about things so I do not blow up, and over react.


Like last Sunday, when Matthew decided to hose us all down in our church clothes.  I was so mad I was ready to “pop”,  he was having a blast, laughing and did not even seem to notice that I  was screaming turn the water off at the top of my lungs, while in high heels, a dress and holding the baby. While his little sisters darted around the yard to try and hide from their crazy older brother  splashing mud and water.


Oh I was so mad…. what on earth was he thinking?  Once I got the water turned off, got him in the house, all three kids out of their wet clothes.  He  sat in time out ( which he had a melt down over)  Once he was calm enough to talk, and I sat down with him and asked him WHY on earth he did that?  I could tell me was truly sorry and with a twinkle in his eye said ” Mommy I love the water, it is so much fun”

This was a moment where I have to remind myself ….. He is just a little boy.  He does not thinks about the fact that we are in church clothes, or that we may not want to get wet.  He just thinks it would be fun to play in the sprinkler because he is hot, and he wants to have fun.

IMG_36257 days ago these photos were not taken with a smile on my face….. I was one upset Mommy.  But after a good talk, time to cool down I am glad I have them.

( plus I learned  I can run sprints in my front yard in high heels, with a baby on one hip, and church bag in hand , take photos, scream loud enough to wake all the neighbors…  get the key in the door before my son soaked me with water)

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