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The older I get, the more I appreciate  the values and the perceptive on life my parents taught me.   These things were taught to me in word, but more importantly by example.  I am thrifty today, not because my parents told me to spend wisely but because they taught me by example.

It is a bit overwhelming knowing my actions, words and daily behaviors will be learned and reflected ( goof or bad) by my children.  This week as I listed to my girls play I heard them rambling back and forth as they played house.  One of them said, I am going to the store I need to use my coupons before they expire (which made me laugh). Just then little Maleeya comes up behind me and says ” Mommie, Wook how much me save…. Me A Thrifty Mom”, pulling out a receipt from her little purse, and showing me with a huge smile on her face.  I can only hope they keep the same enthusiasm towards saving as they get older.


When little Matthew was about 3 (almost 6 years ago) we bought him a toy lawn mower.  Ever since then, he proudly cuts the grass with Daddy.  Each week running behind him,  following  everything he does.  He comes in so proud of the work he just did.


It goes the other way as well.  I was trying to get dinner on the table and had kids around my feet.  They were fighting and I was grumpy. I know how I should of handled it, but instead  I pointed my finger and yelled “out of the kitchen, you kids are driving me nuts”.  Not even five minutes later I heard my daughter Mckeely say the same thing to her brother and sister.  Hmmmm I wonder where she learned that from….yip from me.  All in the day of being a Mom…..some days I am a little better example than others.

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