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When I was little every summer we would can  jams, pears, peaches, tomatoes, green beans, etc.  It was a way to take the  fruit from our trees, produce from our garden and feed our family over the next year.  Even at a very young age I had a job to do, I will admit some days I hated it.  I would much rather be playing, but it was a wonderful skill to learn.  And the older I got the more I enjoyed working along side my Mom and sisters as we canned.


This year my brother was able to get a lot of  peaches for free. We  do service work at a local orchard all season long, thinning, picking. Once their picking season is done and all the fruit left on the tree was free to glean.  He then set up a temporary canning kitchen in the middle of his cabinet shop.


Between my Mom and 6 siblings we have put up over 300 jars of peaches.


It was fun to work along side my Mom, and watch my little ones help…just like I did when I was little.


It hit me, that the jars we were filling, where to same jars my Mom has been using since I was little.  Many of them where given to her by my her own Mother.  I wonder if some day these same jars will be filled by my future grandkids?


Lots of work, but they sure are pretty!


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