Mommy Moments- Digging in the dirt

mommy moment

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The back corner of our yard needs some  serious landscaping attention, but until money and time allow it is going to stay a dirt patch.  Ironically digging in the dirt happens to be my kids favorite activity this summer.   They have come in every day with dirt under their finger nails, play clothes caked in it…. but with huge smiles on their face.  Even the neighbor kids are eager to come over and dig  each day.

This week I had all the kids running into the house, filled with excitement ….

Mommy, Mommy, Mommy…. WE FOUND TREASURE!!!!

First it was an old glass marble.  They washed it clean, and toted it around like it was a gold nugget.

A bit later they all came in again, but this time the were convinced they found dinosaur bones.  They were discussing which bone it was, if it was a leg bone or maybe a back bone.

Oh ya…. and did you know they are going to famous.  Yep, as soon as they get it dug up they just know the news cameras are going to come to our house 🙂

Oh how I love to watch their little imaginations run, and the joy they have just being kids and enjoying the simple things in life.  Their happiness is contagious and helps me remember to enjoy life everyday!

It’s Matt- I told Sarah we need to edit a video into a news segment and show it to the kids. In 30 years they will laugh so hard at themselves.

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