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Grandpas Apple Tree

I was blessed to grown up on a family farm, and have both sets of my grandparents live within 2 miles of my childhood home.  My Grandpa Ashby passed away when I as just 10 years old, and he was rather sick so I do not have many memories of him.  But I do remember that he LOVED his garden, and his flowers.  I remember as a little girl walking down across the 40 acre field to my grandparents home.  In the front yard I found my Grandpa sitting on the grass under the blossoms of his apple tree, planting  and tending his flowers.  I was a little startled because normally he was inside in bed.  But I had never seen him more alive and happy as I did when he was outside doing the work he loved.

Grandpas Shed

Grandpa’s Shed I use to play in when I was little

My cousin now lives in my Grandparents home, I drive by often but have stopped  in probably 10 years.  This week I went to a baby shower held there.  I drove up and right away was greeted by the same flower blossoms that I remember as a little girl.  Grandpa has been gone for over 22 years now but his flower blossoms took me back in time, and it was almost as if he was there smiling at me just as he did when I was little.  But this time I was holding the hands of my little girls, as I walked… and told them about their Great Grandpa.  I am pretty sure he was smiling down on us, and happy to see us enjoy the beautiful tress he planted 40 years ago!

We love and miss you Grandpa!

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