The Pink Stuff ~ Fruit Salad Recipe

The Pink Stuff Fruit Salad

Since we got a lot of fruit in our Bountiful Basket last week I made a fruit salad as a side for dinner.  I have made this for years, I do not even remember where I learned to make it… or what it is called.  When I take it to a family picnic the kids just say “Can I have some of The Pink Stuff”… I plop some on their plate and I have never given it much thought as to what it’s official name is (lol).

So if you are just itching to make a recipe that is so grand… it does not even have a formal name.  Then you are totally in luck… cause I have one for you!  Get your pens ready cause this one is tricky….

  • 6 cups diced fruit ( I used, Green apples, Gala Apples, Red Pears, Banana and Mandarin Oranges drained)
  • 3 oz package of Raspberry  Jello Gelatin Dessert
  • 8 oz Cool Whip
Pour the dry jello over the fruit, mix…. Add the cool whip, mix …. then have a big tasty bowl of “The Pink Stuff”
Easy as can be 🙂

The Pink Stuff Fruit Salad2


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