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If you are a mom you are well aware of the “Get dressed so we can go” routine.  It is that fine line between teaching your child to  do things for themselves. Or doing it for them just so you can get them out the door and wondering if you are still going to be dressing them for college.  It is not uncommon for me to say “Are you ready to go?” … and I hear 4 children reply back “yes”. Only to round the corner and see them like this….

Often half naked, no shoes, legs in one pant leg, shorts in the middle of a snow storm, underwear as a hat, shoes on the wrong feet, or two totally different shoes,  hair all jacked up on one side and a pony tail missing on the other.  The bunch of them look like they just escaped from a fashion bootcamp gone wrong. Oh but wait… then I say “You can’t go out looking like that!” and they all look at me like I am the over bearing fashion police.

Depending were we are going some days I let them prance out of the house looking like this (only if we are just going to Grandmas or something) … but only at the last minute do they have the “I can’t go out like this meltdown”.  I scratch my head thinking really… really… come on I have been telling you to change for over an HOUR and now in the last 30 seconds you realize I mean business?

Yesterday while trying to “herd” my children to the car…. I saw my sons  crack when he bent over to put on his shoes. My first thought was good grief the kid is trying to go commando style today.  I told him to go get some underwear on, he quickly replies back that he already has them on and proceeds to tug at an elastic waste band.  But all I saw was the waste band, no undies…. Not sure how, or why his undies were torn to shreds?   But I am sure if underwear could talk they would have a great story to tell.  Needless to say we were a few minutes late, as I felt the need to cover his naked bottom before be left the house …lol.

It’s Matt – FYI – that same pair of underwear Matthew was wearing as a whole underwear just that morning. Who knows how it got like that!

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