Mommy Moments…Little Update on the Remodel

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If you have been reading my blog for awhile  you know that we moved to an older home last September.  Ever since the contractor finished the highly needed siding replacement we have been spending every spare minute on a HUGE remodel. With the exception of the vinyl siding we are doing almost all the work ourselves which is saving us lots of money. That being said, it is SO MUCH work, and to be honest some days I am just down right grumpy about having my house be a construction zone.  But I can also see the end picture, and am excited to turn this house into our dream home.  And every exhausting day makes it that much more special to us.


Matts Dad has been gracious enough to come down for days at a time, and work side by side Matt and little Matthew.  They are quite the team.


Yesterday as I watched them work I could not help but smile as I watched all three generations working, teaching and building memory’s as they build our home.


Our little Matthew spend the first 3 years of his life in and out of hospitals rebuilding his heart.  Because of this he is a bit delayed.  He is 8 years old but functions at about a 4 year old level.  It breaks my heart to see him struggle in school, and not able to be as active as other kids his age.  As his Mommy I want him to feel successful and find something he can excel at.  Working with his Dad gives him just that… something he is good at and LOVES.  He has his own little tape measure, hammer and tool belt.  He pounded all the nails by himself for our subfloor.  Took down the Kitchen walls (with his little hammer)  and LOVES helping Papa and Daddy work.


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