Mommy Moments – Nativity scenes

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IMG_6419aChristmas is all about traditions, and the things you celebrate as a family.  Matt’s family started a fun tradition when he was little, and we have carried  it on to our own family.

IMG_6426a When our children have their 3rd Christmas they are each given their VERY OWN nativity set.  We tell them the story of the birth of Baby Jesus, and why we give gifts and celebrate Christmas.


This year Maleeya  turned 3, so she got her very own set.

IMG_6429aIMG_6430aThey then get to set up their Nativity, all by themselves.  They look forward to it every year.

I love to listen to them play, and tell the story, or “trade wise men for the day”…or ask “can you baby sit my donkey today?”

IMG_6584aEveryday they set them up a little different, yesterday they decided ALL the baby Jesus’s needed to be in the middle and be watched while we went to town.

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