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Last week Matt was out of town for 5 days, he went to a bloggers conference.  I had wanted to go and I was trying to decide if I should go or not.  But after watching the show Courageous I felt very strongly that this time I should stay home with my little ones.  Knowing I would be home alone I asked my baby sister Millie (she lives 6 hours away)  if she would like to come spend the week with me.  Just the week before she finished getting her cosmetology program and earned her license.  I am so proud of her!

My sister is 10 years younger than me so I was grown and out of the house for over half her childhood… but we are still close and I love spending time with her.  My girls  think that Aunt Millie is just about as fun as they come, since everyday is a spa day when she is here.  She paints their toe nails, puts flowers and sparkles on their finger nails.  She does their hair everyday so they look like they are ready to go to prom on something.

Having my little sister here was so much fun, the 5 days flew by.  In 11 years of being married I have never had my her come stay with me overnight (instead she would always stay at my parents and I would go visit them) , it was so nice to reconnect and giggle till all hours of  the night.  The amazing thing about  sisters is… they know you, understand you,  what a wonderful gift to have 2 sisters in my life (plus my 4 wonderful sister in-laws as well)

After watching the movie Courageous I knew I was suppose to stay home… I thought it was for my kids.  But I now realize it was for me!  I needed that time with my sister, to recharge, reconnect and giggle just because we are girls.

I invite you to find time this week to call, write or let your sisters know how much you love them!

Wonder where the photos are of my little sis are… well she does not mind being “Sarah’s” little sister… but being A Thrifty Mom’s little sister and being posted in front of a national readership is not really her idea of fun…lol

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