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This week one of our readers asked to see what our work space looked like.  Matt decided to take a photo of our desks and post them to facebook so she could see.  It was fun to read the comments and kind words spoken about our home.

Here is Matts desk… pretty right.  But what he does not tell you is that he does not sit there much because his PC is broken and so he normally blogs from a laptop (while sitting on the couch, watching tv… yip he likes to multitask) someday we will get his computer fixed.

Here is my desk (where I spend about 10 hours a day)… yes it is beautiful and I feel very blessed to have it.  BUT what I am not telling you is… it is never that clean…lol.  Normally covered with coupons, ads and random “crud” the kids bring me or drop off.

Our long time readers know we bought an old house built in the 70’s about 2  years ago right after we sold it to someone who posted We Buy Houses.  We started right into a huge remodel project, took out walls, put in hard wood floors, heated tile… we planned to do most the work ourselves and went to work.  But half way into this huge project  found out most the sub-floor in the house had to be torn out and replaced.  Due to mold we had to tear 2 of the 3 bathrooms all the way down to the studs, we had to rewire much of the house… and last but not least we found out EVERY PIPE in the house had to be taken out…. yip we had to re-plumb our whole house.

With all the extra projects and HUGE bills coming in we soon blew threw our budget.  At this point we had a choice to make, finish the house so it would look pretty and be much easier to live in.  But the only way to do that was on credit.  OR we could start saving again and continue  the remodel once we had the means to pay cash for the project.  Sure I wanted my kitchen done… but what I wanted and still want more than ever is to live within my means, and be debt free.  SO for the last 18 months the “other half of our kitchen” that you do not see in the photos looks like this…..

When I run into friends at the store or even readers they often say… “oh so how are you enjoying your new kitchen”.  When I tell them it is not done they are confused because they see photos I post online all the time, and they never show the sheetrock walls or lack of cabinet doors.   Instead most of my photos show the few sections of my home that are finished and pretty.  Not that I am embarrassed about my unfinished house.  I just got tired of answering questions about it so instead I just show photos of the part of my house that is done.

So how many of you saw the first three photos and felt bad that your desk did not look that way?  How many times do we do this to ourselves?  I personally do it every day…. I compare myself to others, often feeling bad  or like I am not good enough.  BUT  I take the things I struggle with, and compare  them to someone else’s strength.  But what I may not see is all the other “rooms or areas” in those peoples lives are not perfect either.  So this is us “keeping it real” and someday I will show you a finished kitchen…but till then I will keep being thrifty and saving for that dream:)

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