Mommy Moments ~ Yuz are driving me cwazy

mommy moment

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 Just in case you did not know…. your children are often like little “mini me’s” running around the house.  Or at least mine are, I am not sure whether to laugh or cry when I hear them repeat things I say, as I listen to them play.  One thing is for sure, it really makes me think about what is coming out of my mouth.

This week my two youngest were playing with their baby dolls, and I heard my daughter say

“Yuz (you) are driving me cwazy (crazy)….now cwoz (close) your eyes, say your prayers and go nite nite.”

Just then she kissed her baby, handed it over to me so I could babysit it while it took a nap.



On a side note, that crazy little doll Maveric is holding.  It was my doll when I was little, he found it  and totes it everywhere he goes.    He loves it…. but he also likes to dunk her in the toilet every chance he gets.  Needless to say she gets tossed into the washing machine almost everyday.  Much to his dismay!

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