Mommy Moments 5/15

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Last Sunday was Mothers Day and I took the day to be just that…. just a Mommy.  So My Mommy Moment never got posted.  I had a crazy day but wonderful as well.   Matt had to work so that left me to get four little ones ready for church by myself.   Typical busy morning, of telling kids to eat their breakfast, brush their hair, find your shoes, no you can’t wear that…. what is all over you face, get the baby out of the toilet, changing poopy diapers, re-doing hair again…… you might know what I am talking about if you are a mom too.

Little Matthew had his black suit on, ready for church but was determined to wear his flaming red basket ball shorts (with his white shirt and tie).  It was quite the struggle but finally he came down  dressed in his black church pants.  We got to church, he bent over to pick up the hymn book when I saw a little streak of red peaking out of the back of his pants…… little stinker did in fact wear his basketball shorts to church, under is dress pants.

Maleeya is a bit like me and does not like new things.  During church all the children went up to sing a few songs to the Mothers.  The older two kids went up but Maleeya was clung to my arm like a monkey.  There was no way she way going up there….. once the music started to play she decided she wanted to go up too.   She disappears into the crowd of kids…..then I hear this sound.  It kind of  sounded like a squeaking door and I instantly knew what it was….then I see her little eyes.  Tears streaming down her face, lower lips stuck out  and all a mess.  As all the other children begin to sing “I often go walking in meadows of clover”…… Maleeya comes running back arms outstretched saying “Mommy!”

Mckeely is always such a helper, she was so eager to give me her Mothers Day card she had been working on all week.  Hearts and polk-a-dots covered the front and inside it said, “I love Mom becus my Mom is the bes Mom in the hol wid wrd”.  She is just learning to spell out words herself, and I adore her sweet words.

Little Maveric was a little ball of energy as normal, and when it was his turn to take a photo with mommy he snatched the glasses off my face. Then clocked me in the nose with his forehead, while trying to give me loves.

So Mothers Day was not exactly how they play it out in the movies, but it was wonderful and I would not of had it any other way.  Hope you all had a great one as well.

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