Monster eye skewers in slime, perfect Halloween food

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Monster eye skewers in slime, perfect Halloween food

Let me tell you a little secret… these aren’t actually monster eye balls.  And that isn’t slime.  It’s meatballs and a sauce. I bet you were fooled, right? 😉 Ok, so maybe not, but kids will enjoy this fun food. It would make a great Halloween party snack. Would also make part of a Halloween dinner at home.

I neglected to take pictures of making the meatballs. Oops! All you need is a bag of meatballs (I use homestyle)

small jar of grape jelly

1 bottle of bbq sauce

can of olives


Add the jelly and the bbq sauce to a crockpot and stir. Pour in the bag of meatballs and stir them up. Put them on low and let them cook for 4 -5 hours. When you are done, add a slice of olive to the top for the pupil. Stick a toothpick through the middle. Keep in a bowl or place on a serving dish for a party. I add the sauce to make them look slimy and besides that, it tastes better that way!

There you go, a great addition to your Halloween party!

monster eye skewers, meatballs, meatball skewers, Halloween, Halloween snacks, party snacks, party food, Halloween food

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