Monster Pumpkin Bowling ~ Halloween Game Ideas

I had my nieces and nephews to play this weekend.  We did some fun projects, but their favorite was MONSTER PUMPKIN BOWLING!  They giggled and laughed and we had a great time! This is fun for kids young or old, and low cost as well!

You will need:

  • Small pumpkin to be your bowling ball ( we just picked one from the garden you may want to get more than one)
  • Empty toilet paper rolls (the cardboard middle)
  • Papers
  • Crayons or markers
  • Tape

A normal 8×11 sheet of paper folded into equal fourths will wrap around the toilet paper tube. So one sheet of paper will give you 4 pins.   Have each of the kids draw their very own monster.  This is what is great little kids can just scribble while older kids can make more detailed monsters.  Once they are done with their monster wrap the paper around the tube and tape it.

 Set your monster pins up and roll the pumpkin to SMASH them down!  We ended up cracking two pumpkins so you may want to get more than one “ball” but  those two pumpkin provided 7 kids an hours of FUN and GIGGLES!

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