More Printable coupons

Thank to Carrie for passing these new coupon link along,

I just wanted to let you know that I found a couple of coupons that coordinate with the sale at Albertson’s right now. I had to look pretty hard to find them, but it was worth it! I needed salsa and laundry soap really bad.

La Victoria Salsa
$1.00 each
$0.50 coupon
$0.50 for each Salsa or FREE with a double! (I think there site is down. its the correct link)
Click on “La Vic Club”.
Sign up…it will ask you to take a short survey.
Then you can enter in a code. There are two code boxes, use the top one.
When you sign up, it should tell you that you can use the code: LaVicClubBonus  (it is case sensitive) to earn your first 16 points. Enter the code and then redeem the points for your $0.50 coupon. You can back up to print two.
You can also use the code: LaVicBestSalsa     to get another 16points…it will let you redeem it for another $0.50 coupon but it won’t let you print it, so don’t redeem it…just save it for a higher coupon later when you get more points. The new salsas that you will buy, also have point redemption’s on them to earn more points for higher value coupons!


Purex Natural Elements Ultra Concentrate (they have three yummy scents at Albies! I got Apple & Melon)
$2.49 each
$0.50 coupon
$1.99 for each bottle or $1.49 with a double!
Click on “send a friend a coupon”.
Once you enter your email and your friend’s email, you can print your coupon and your friend will get one too! Back up to print twice.

Click here for this weeks Albertsons Ad and for more double Ideas

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