Where can you get Albertsons Doubles?



    As you all know in yesterdays paper there was 3 double coupons on the front page of the Albertsons Ad.  If you get the paper you  should have got one.  I have been asked a lot,  where you can  find more?  Well I went out and bought a few papers yesterday so I would have some doubles, plus I got them from my neighbors.

    (Now I know that some people feel you should only be allowed to use one set of doubles all week. Like I have said before ask you store what their policy is, if they only allow you one….then honor that.  On the other hand the wording says limit 3 doubles per shopping trip, per family.  Most the store around here take that as if it is a new shopping trip, you are welcome to use more doubler’s.  I know that there are strong opinions on both sides of this issue.  Like I have said before I encourage you to talk to your store and follow there interpretation of the rules. I do not make the rules, I just pass along what my stores say.)

    My local stores put them out in the front of the store.  The  I called the manager to see it they had them out.  He told me  a few ladies came in early in the morning and each took a huge stack of them, and they are gone.  They do have a few left  at the registers but you have to ask for one, and it is while supplies last.  The store only gets a limited number of ads and once they are gone, they are gone for the week.  Please play nice and think about others.  

    This is a comment left on my site yesterday, I think she said it rather well.

    “All I wanted was just one ad. I don’t coupon and this is why…because SOME couponers are such hoarders! That’s so rude taking 10-20 or 40-50 ads. I thought I would just try couponing, with the good Kraft coupons and the doublers I thought it would be a fun experience. I asked my husband to stop and pick up ONE ad on his way home from work this morning. He came home and said, “sorry honey, there was a sign that said “sorry, doubler coupons were while supplies lasted.” I can’t believe they are gone already. When did they get put out for shoppers to use?

    Oh well! I think couponing is great and for those of you who do it, keep doing it. I’ve just learned that it’s not for me. It’s not worth my time and effort just to get bad feelings. I will still read the blogs…which, by the way I love, and I will still be happy for the many friends and family members that get such great deals…you go girls!!!”

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