Muddly Girl Pink Camo NailArt Wraps ~ NOW available #Jamberry

Jamberry Muddy Girl Wraps, Girl power, Pink Camo, Deer Hunting, Girl Power, NailArt, MossyOak

Jamberry just released a new line of licensed nailart wraps, the MUDDY GIRLS. I know that pink camo and deer heads is not for everyone…. but for some of you this is PRETTY DANG AWESOME! My 10 year old is counting her money as we speak to see if she has enough to buy herself a set. For Christmas she got a pink camo blanket, hoodie, pj pants and bag…. so yes we like pink camo at our house.Jamberry Muddy Girl Wraps sheet,  sets of 2 Pink Camo, Deer Hunting, Girl Power, NailArt, MossyOak

There are two nail art sets to pick from the Muddy Girl Camo is all the same print. While the Muddy Girl Pink gives you three wrap images for a fun mixed manicure or pedicure.  You can use them as just an accent nail if you want for 3 totally different looks.  We ordered the Muddy Girl Pink so we had 3 nailart choices to pick from.Jamberry Muddy Girl Wraps sheet, Pink Camo, Deer Hunting, Girl Power, NailArt, MossyOak

Remember that each sheet will give you 18 wraps, each one of those wraps will be cut in half (giving you 36 wraps) , or cut into 3-4 pieces depending on how long your nails are.  EACH sheet will give you  enough wraps to do 2 full pedicures and 2 full manicures with extra nails to use as accent nails. This is such a cost friendly way to have adorable nail that are a fraction of the price of a salon manicure.   Wraps stay on your fingers about 2 weeks and 6 weeks or longer on your toes.

Jamberry Muddy Girl Wraps, Hunters Pink Camo, Deer Hunting, Girl Power, NailArt, MossyOak

IF you place an order this month, make sure you add it to the MYSTERY HOSTESS online party. When that party closes we will draw people who placed an order for a chance to win the hostess benefits.

Do not forget about our exclusive Mothers Day Gift Set (while supplies last).


This video will show you how easy it is to apply Jamberry Nails

How many nail applications can you get per sheet, plus buy 3 get 1 free sale.

How to remove Jamberry Wraps and avoid damage

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