Mud,Water, Kids… need I say more?

img_1081It has been raining all week, my kids sand box turned into a wet, sloppy sand mess.  But they sure had fun playing in it yesterday.  My kids had been out side for about 10 minutes when I heard a thump, thump, thump noise on the side of my house.

img_1083They were having so much fun covering my house with mud balls.  AHHHHH one more mess to clean up, So I got the hose out and started chasing them with it.  They were laughing so hard they could hardly run, which made me laugh too.  I got the house and my kids all cleaned up, My 4 year old daughter Mckeely told me, Mom your the best mom ever….will you spray me with the hose again tomorrow?

I had to laugh, she thinks a crazy mom with a hose make me the best mom ever.  But somehow cooking, cleaning and daily tasks just put me on “normal mom” list.


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