Muscle Pattern Leggings – Flash from the 80’s

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Remember the old 1980’s health show on PBS that had that guy with the curly hair and he was a superhero for healthy bodies?

Mr. Slim GoodBody?

Credit: Like Totally 80's
Credit: Like Totally 80’s

Yeah he kind of creeped me out. Well these leggings totally reminded me of him.

muscle leggingsSolilor Fashion Muscle Print Women Spandex Leggings

As low as $6.95 and free shipping

  • Made from 86% Polyester and 14% Spandex
  • Muscle print
  • Stretchy
  • Universal size
  • Leggings Length: 37.8 inch




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  1. I think if I had that figure I’d wear whatever I wanted and no one would complain! I think they’d be an awesome item to wear for Halloween!

  2. So if ur plus size and u wear these u can literally say ur big boned and overly Muscular LOL?

  3. I’d have to say – no. As big as my backside is I’d look like a side of beef. 😉

  4. I can see my teenage daughter and her friends wearing these, but I think they are horrible!

  5. LOVE IT!! I would wear them no shame but have a life style the surrounds around children. ( I am a work with kindergarten and I am a Sunday school teacher) I don’t think it would work…alas:(

  6. They should make a skin tight maternity anatomy shirt like this. I’d totally wear it! Lol!

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