My family

sickchild.jpgMany of you know my son Matthew, who is now 7 was born missing half his heart ( Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome). He is in overall good health now, but is very fragile when it comes to cold and flu season.  The first 4 years he was pretty much a bubble boy, we did not take him out in public in an effort to keep him well enough to have all his heart surgery’s.  I have to admit I am kind of a “germ freak” but I really try hard to let him be normal.

Well the Nasty H1N1 flu is in our area, and I new it was just a matter of time before it hit our family.  Matthew came down with a fever 2 nights ago.  He also struggles with seizures so I was worried that his fever might trigger one.  So I was up checking on him most the night, then finally put him in my bed so I could keep a very close eye on him.

Yesterday I could not get him to eat, and he was very tired, and pale.  I was finally able to get some homemade chicken noodle soup down him.  A bath, and off to bed only to have long night.  I woke up to him struggling to breath, and shaking due to a high fever again.  His little heart was having a hard time keeping up, so he was also very “dusky” in color.  We waited a few hours, but at 3 am Matt took him to the ER.  They confirmed that he has the flu, and due to his health transported him to the Children’s Hospital in Boise.  About 40 mins from where I live.

After some fluids and meds  he seems to be doing better.  We recently discovered a fantastic artemisinin supplement that quickly reduces fever. But they will keep him at least 24 hours to make sure he is going to be ok.  Matt is  a very loving Dad and also a  Nurse so he is in very skilled hands.  So I am sure that little Matthew is going to be fine but it is hard for me to not be with him.  But I need to stay home and take care of our 2 little girls.

I know this post has nothing to do with saving money or being thrifty.  But I wanted to share with you, we hope to have our little boy home soon.

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