My favorite boots and you can get them too – As low as $16.99 and free shipping (was $65)

Update, you want to know something funny. I get stopped every now and then by readers and they say, Are you A Thrifty Mom…. I say yes. And then they say, ” I knew it was you because of your boots”. No joke, this happens a few times a year. I guess I do talk about them a lot, and I do wear them EVERYWHERE lol.

My grey pair finally wore out, they cracked on the bottom but after 3 years I think they held up pretty darn good. SO it was time to buy a replacement pair. I decided to go with the dark brown this time, it will take a little bit of time to “wear them in” but I am sure they will be just as comfortable as my old ones in a few weeks.

My favorite boots, on sale this is my thrid pair... yes i love them that much

Just wanted to let you know these are back in stock and the PRICE DROPPED again as well.  Grab them while you can!

If you see me the next 3 months, due to the cold weather there is a good chance I will be wearing boots.  I love boots but  I really love THESE boots because they are super comfortable.  I bought them 2 years ago and wore them almost daily during the winter. I loved them so much a bought another pair…  Best part is they are under $35 shipped and some are even under $17 and free shipping!

 Journee Collection Buckle Accent Slouchy Mid-calf Boots $16.99  and free shipping, (was $65)

slouchy boots

I have the grey and tan ones I tend to wear the grey ones more so they are getting a little worn out.  Like I said before I wear them 24/7 in the winter.


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  1. The first two pair lasted 3 years… so I guess I should not feel bad that I bought a 3rd pair lol…

  2. Yes this is my third pair… BUT the others lasted 3 years so I don’t feel so bad LOL

  3. They have almost identical boots of these at the Shoe Dept. for $19.99!!

  4. I noticed a lot of the reviews on there said they were cheap and fell apart.

  5. the shiny black one (second one from the left) is $16.99 with free shipping right now!!!

  6. I want these! Don’t know what size I really am though. 40 and my feet have been changing. Ugh!
    Can you wear boot cut jeans over them?

  7. Just ordered a pair of the gray! Cannot wait to get them, hope I also love them!

  8. They had these same boots at Wave for $15. They only had the grey and black avail. What brand are the ones you have so I can compare? 🙂

  9. If you’re a 6, you can get a 6, right? They aren’t like UGGS & have to go down a size?
    How’s return policy?

  10. Awe man i just ordered a grey pair but i probably should have looked at the wide calf sizes ;( oh well if they don’t fit right i can always send them back right?

  11. Scroll to the end of sizes and it starts the wide calves selection. Choose your color first though, looks like gray isn’t available but black is, just not in my size. 🙁

  12. Looks like they have a nice sole for some traction. Are they zippered? I have big calves so sometimes these type boots don’t fit. I do really like these.

  13. where’s all the boots for guys? I never look at her exact size she wears. I’ll buy these for her once i find out.

  14. Just ordered grey and tan. Both pairs for less than $65. I’ve been looking for comfy boots. Thanks for posting!

  15. A few years ago, “Dots” had them in their store. They were in tons of colors! I got a pair in a dark pink. I have worn them to death! Has anyone found them in more colors?

  16. I love that they have some tread! I just bought some for Christmas from Gordmans for $20. I was wearing them around the house, slipping everywhere. Taking those back and getting these! Thanks for posting this!

  17. Unfortunately, no one ever makes boots in size 5 to 5.5….. I’d love to find heeled, knee high boots.

  18. Are they comfortable? Thinking about buying them but are they comfortable for long standing periods?

  19. I was thinking that I saw these for $20 last year! Kinda sucky to see them almost double the price a year later, even on sale. But they are cute, I’d love them.

  20. I have these in black and only paid $20 when I bought mine last year. A great buy!

  21. I have the black ones. Bought them 2 years ago and they are still going strong. Defiantly a good buy.

  22. Barbara Anne Rouse..where did you buy them from?Pls let me know..Thx:)

  23. These have a zipper, right? I just want to make sure – I have a high arch & usually can’t fit into these types of boots unless they have a side zipper. Thanks!

  24. Are these adjustable in the calf? My calves are really muscular and a lot of boots are too small in that area for me.

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