My Favorite Walgreens putting limits on Coupon deals.

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If you shop at the Walgreens on 10th and Ustick you will notice a new sign that went up yesterday 5/9

Attention Customers!!

Due to an increase of Coupon Shopping. We are implementing certain limits on register rewards and coupon items.

We are limiting each register reward to four per item per day.

We are limiting buy one get free coupons with buy one get one free ad price. To a buy four get four. Which is a total of eight per day.

All other items will be subject to the limit set on the ad.

This is for this location only.

Thank You, Management

So what do I think about this new rule? You may be shocked that I support it 100%, now let me explain why.  Remember last week when we talked about being able to find items in stock, and which store are ok to stock up at.  Well not everyone follows these rules.  Walgreens is not a warehouse, instead they are more of a quick stop in go store, and are limited to the quantities they can order and receive.   What is happening  is, a few coupon shoppers are lining up at the doors  Sunday Morning and totally clearing the store out of every Register Reward item, or hot promo within the first few hours of being open.   Yes a few shoppers were able to score BIG, but the store is then left ALL week with frustrated shoppers unable to find the deals they came for.

Personally I feel allowing you to get 4 of each Register Reward item, each day is VERY generous.  For example you can get 4 toothpaste, 4 shampoo, 4 Razors… etc.  Walgreens has great deal every week, so before long you will have more coupon items than you know what to do with.  This will  also allow you to find the fabulous deals they offer in stock, and allow for a more pleasant shopping experience.  Plus this store will now be able to serve or bless the lives of a whole community not just a few shoppers.

I am lucky to have a coupon friendly Walgreens right down the street from me, and I feel this new limit really is a blessing.  Since I do not shop on Sundays, I am looking forward to being able to  coupon shop and find the items I am looking for in stock.  I understand that they are setting limits not to be harsh on coupon shoppers, instead to allow more of you to be able to shop there….. and soon you too will understand why this is  one of my favorite stores to coupon shop at.



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