Need help at lunch?

One of our readers sent us this tip to help those families who have kids in school.

As a victim of unemployment in this struggling economy, I am always on the lookout for free or reduced savings for those on unemployment as well as the great coupon savings I find by following your site.  I just noticed this on the website for the Idaho Department of Labor.  I no longer have school aged children but thought it was a good tip to pass along.

Even if parents don’t think they qualify, I encourage them to apply anyway.  They will sometimes be approved at a reduce rate because the schools have to give their allotted amounts in free or reduced meals or risk loosing the funding for the following year.

Thanks for the helpful tip. Even if you don’t live in Idaho, Most schools have discounted lunch prices or even free. This is something that you really need to use if you are having trouble. This is not welfare, its something to help. So please look into it if you are struggling.

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