Neo Tracks Twister Tracks review

Mindscope Neo Tracks Twister Tracks 

I am so excited to share this deal with you. My son saw these on a video and told me this is what he wanted for Christmas last year.  I was rather skeptical at how well they would actually work.  Sure the video made them look cool… but did they really work?  We have been product testing them the last year and I am really impressed with how easy they are to use and YES THEY REALLY WORK. This flexible track can be made into almost any shape you want and the little cars just keep following it. You can even turn the track into a tube and have the car ride around that way.

The hardest part we had was getting the bridge together, but still managed to get the whole track set up in less than 10 minutes.  You can add more cars or more track… I would suggest grabbing extra tracks and extra cars while you can!

I was given the product to test out, I was not paid for my review.

neo-tracks-flexible-track-systemOrder here –> Mindscope Neo Tracks Twister Tracks 258 Flexible Track System

Watch our recorded LIVE product review

  • Includes 228 pieces of Flexible track and one 4×4 Vehicle (1 AA Battery Not Included)
  • Detachable and attachable track in five bright colors, configurable track.
  • Track comes in sheets of 1 foot for simple assembly. Tested & Safe Ages 3-Adult.
  • Compatible with Mindscope Twister Tracks, collect more & build bigger.
  • Comes with several accessories: bridge, gate & more

neo-tracks-carsOrder here –> Mindscope Neo Tracks Additional Car Pack Set of 2 Replacement Cars Twister Tracks

  • Styles vary.
  • A must for your customized tracks
  • Motorized for super fast performance
  • Start your engines and burn rubber
  • Must already have the Neo Tracks race track
  • Each car requires 1 AA battery, not included

neo-tracks-flexible-track-systemOrder here –>  Mindscope Neo Tracks Twister Tracks 160 Piece (8 Feet) Expansion Track Set

Use code: SFMI5JTB   at checkout to save 25% off. Discount code is valid Tuesday  11/28 –  Friday  12/2 at 11:59 PM, or while supplies last! 

  • 160 pieces (8 feet) of colorful track, compatible with the Neo Tracks & Twister Tracks Sets
  • Collect more and combine track to build the ultimate track sets.
  • Tested & Safe for ages 3-Adult
  • Product ships in the retail box as pictured.
  • Flexible & Bendable Track, Assembly Not Required, in sheets of 1 foot.

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  1. Sonya Quertermous I think your boys would love this! I’m getting one for Matthew

  2. My grandson would love this, I did buy the other racetrack that is advertised on TV but I like this so much better

  3. You can put something under the track to make it like going up a hill. ….try that. ..would love one for Grandson

  4. According to the Q & A on the amazon info, it does work with magic tracks

  5. Thank you! Just bought one for my son. He’s been wanting one for awhile now.

  6. It’s better to get someone’s honest opinion on something before you buy it

  7. My son has a set like this called kidoozie or something close to that

  8. How did you start doing this? And how do you get started. My autistic son loves all your videos

  9. How did you start doing this? If a can can get my sons attention it would get any child

  10. I have actually gone out of my way to only get things I dont have to put together lol but this looks too easy

  11. Thank you for all the time you put in on trying it all out and then being honest. Thank you again

  12. Could you use it with magic traks? The cars? They don’t have extra packs to buy.

  13. now im thinking of who other than my own I could get them for these are just awesome

  14. I forgot to ask did any of the kids pich themselves while putting together? thank you

  15. Well, this post BLEW UP! Lol! Good luck to everyone. Thanks for the chance, A Thrifty Mom.

  16. Just ordered one and the code does not apply on the glow in v dark extended tracks or flashing cars. The 3 items you showed it only applies to and is an awesome deal. Thank you!

  17. My son has wanted them for a while after the other brand did not hold up. These look much better thank you for showing us.

  18. Kara Diane Davis go on the link and comment for the giveaway / then share…

  19. Kara Diane Davis, Amber Lucas, Nicole Kristine, Stephanie Stegall, Jessica McGrath, Troy Shelbie Weiss
    She does New Toy Reviews, Giveaway, and shares deal!! U0001f44c

  20. Totally awesome. Thanks again. Great ideas for xmas for my daughter and my co-workers 6 year old!

  21. I ordered all three and it was $43 with coupon, I wonder if I got the same one

  22. I need that for my grandsons they would love that U0001f499U0001f499

  23. Hope you give me some ideas soon for my 13 year old daughter! One of your daughter s looked to be about the same age and they are so hard to shop for!!!

  24. I’d love to win this for my son he would have a blast with this for hours

  25. was it easy to take out the cars and track from its packaging? sometimes it takes forever to get toys out of its boxes.

  26. Ordered it! $45 for the original kit, two extra cars and expansion pack with coupon.

  27. I love these videos but if you end up doing one a day til christmas i will end up spending a fortune

  28. You keep showing fun toys and my kids lists for Christmas keep changing! U0001f602

  29. That is so cool, your kids are able to help you out and play with some of the toys at the same time U0001f609

  30. Oh I really want this for my daughter lol dont know if I’ll have enough by the end of the week though…. #fingerscrossed

  31. I really enjoy watching your reviews. You enjoy your children and the products.

  32. Haven’t we all gotten a spinning car wheel or toy caught in our hair as kids?

  33. The neo cars that light up are showing up as i stock for me on amazon. If we don’t win i plan to buy them!

  34. I was thinking of getting the other one. Glad you are saving me the headache and disappointment!

  35. I know my nephew who is 6 and son who is 9 would have hours of fun with this.

  36. I’m getting a lot of good christmas gift ideas just by watching your live videos

  37. How big of a hamster wheel can uhhyou make b4 it’s too big to work?

  38. I love the concept of this toy, however we ordered one from qvc a while back and the cars didn’t seem to work well and the batteries drained like crazy… this was under a different brand name though… do the batteries seem to last ok on this one? And do the cars and track seem like decent quality??

  39. Only 1 battery!?!!?! Wow I think that alone may be the selling point for me lolU0001f601

  40. The original large kit has 11 ft of track, 1 car, a bridge, one arch and signs and trees that snap on.. —– The extender kits have about 6 more feet… and you can get cars in sets of 2…

  41. You did the bridge before she got the hamster wheel together. I’d say that it must be simple enough.

  42. I’d probably just get 2 starter kits, so my boys don’t fight over it.

  43. Lol!!! I loved the hamster wheel! It made my day since I’m not a pet person! U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

  44. Love this! It looks like so much fun even for mom and dad. U0001f60a

  45. my dad bought be car tracks when I was a kid this is going to be alot of fun

  46. WowU0001f62e never say this before. That’s really cool, do they stay on the track really well???

  47. Just got some thank you but with 5 I’m going to need way more now lol

  48. Show 3 things again so I know what I need in cart basic set, extended set, and cars??

  49. I also love that the signs snap on because we always end up throwing them away because the won’t stand up.

  50. That looks easy, so mom won’t bave to help every 2 secondsU0001f602U0001f602

  51. I’m so not letting my daughter watch lol or she’ll never stop asking for them or go to sleep

  52. Found a box of these at a yardsale for $2…my 3 year old son had to have them and was obsessed with them for a week or two until the two cars were worn out completely…didnt think they were a new and coming thing and have thrown away quite a few tracks that i would randomly find in the house..wish id known i could have gotten replacement cars!! Might just have to invest in a whole new set, he truly loved loved loved them! Fingers crossed i can win one from your giveaway! How do i enter???

  53. Found a box of these at a yardsale for $2…my 3 year old son had to have them and was obsessed with them for a week or two until the two cars were worn out completely…didnt think they were a new and coming thing and have thrown away quite a few tracks that i would randomly find in the house..wish id known i could have gotten replacement cars!! Might just have to invest in a whole new set, he truly loved loved loved them! Fingers crossed i can win one from your giveaway! How do i enter???

  54. I want to keep watching but need to go pick my daughter up from YW….so fun to watch

  55. If we wanted the whole set like u how much total would it cost?

  56. Yes, a 5 year old would be able to do it. My 5 year old did it last year.

  57. we got the glow set i’m so excited my kids are freaking out watching this in action lol good thing they are to young to read

  58. my daughter is coming up with ideas on how to move the tracks around already

  59. They will still like it im sure 😉 just need to add the extra cars to the order so they dont fight iver it U0001f602

  60. I like that it’s colorful it would make a fun game having the kids say the color of the track the car is going over

  61. I bought this to go with our glow in the dark because I wanted the bridge. U0001f602

  62. My daughter loves that tunnel style I think that’s what got her attention first lol

  63. My kids always break there tracks and they are hard this is going to be way better

  64. I’m not sure I’m going to be able to wait until Christmas to break this out!

  65. These are perfect. My daughter always moves the track while my sons playing

  66. I wonder if this extension pack would work on Magic Tracks. Great Grandma already bought magic tracks. This one looks much better!

  67. Does it come with a bag or container for the pieces after they play with it?