New Indestructible Light – Must have

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Rayovac launched a new line of lights at the Home Depot (exclusive). And a few months ago I was given a chance to evaluate the flashlight before it even came out on the market. I have taken it every where! On the 50 mile hike I went on with the scouts, out hunting, and fishing with the guys. The first time I used it I did a double take. I actually thought some one else was shinning a different light. We were out on the camp out and it was very dark. We needed to get the scouts back to camp and a few of them were still out fishing on the creek bank about 100 yards away. Well I shinned my Indestructible towards where they were simply to point in the direction they were in so the other leaders knew where to go to get them. When I pointed the light towards them it was as if a huge spot light was lighting them up. You could see the designs on their shirts, the color of their hat and shoes.

If you have never tried to see how far you can shine a light at night, you will find out the color and designs almost turn gray and fade into the night as the light gets further and further way. A normal bulb flash light or even the LED bulbs that you can buy at the dollar store or other store have a light that fits that fade category. When this light hit the scouts so far away and it everything around them was so crystal clear and bright – I thought a car high beams had just turned on! I was totally shocked. There was no way to get a good picture at night in the dark, but it really was amazing!

If you got one gift this year for the Flash light user in your family, get the Rayovac Indestructible! It really is bright and shines an incredibly long distance!

With the new LED light technology it is a small dot in the middle of where the old bulbs used to be. I even opened up the flashlight to make sure I didn’t need to install the bulb. Sarah came over while I was doing this and asked why I was taking apart my new flashlight. I told her I had never seen a flashlight with out a bulb. I didn’t see anything that I needed to “install” and then read the package. Nothing on their said anything about “bulb not included” – so I put the batteries in and just about blinded me inside with the lights on! I was amazed even from before I turned the light on!

And with the Indestructible’s unique build which makes it “indestructible” you can trust that you wont have to run back inside to get a new flash light.  With aluminum/titanium construction, unique metal and rubber design, superior engineering, and a lifetime guarantee, it’s up for just about  anything you can throw at it. Rayovac Indestructible Lights are the bright, long-lasting, durable lights that will work just as hard as you  do, and they’re virtually indestructible. So bring it on—these lights can take it.

Indestructible Lights Features:

  • Brightness (100-150 lumens)
  • Durability (30 foot drop test)
  • Price/Value (under $25)


Also right now thru October 3rd you can enter to win a $1000 Home Depot gift card at the end of the contest. Plus daily prizes including the Indestructible given away daily!
From Sept 2nd through Oct 3rd enter to win a $1,000 Home Depot gift card along with dally prizes including indestructible lights and batteries.
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