Non-stick Sushi Chef’s Knife On Sale ONLY $7.80! ~ Great gift for any cook!

Non-stick Sushi Chef’s Knife


Nonstick Sushi KnifeNon-stick Sushi Chef’s Knife ONLY $7.80 (normally $12.99) ships free with orders over $35 or Prime.

Made for sushi I can see this knife being used often in my kitchen… although I don’t make sushi, there are plenty of times I would like the food I cut to not stick to my knife! Plus it has really good reviews!

  • Overall Dimensions 13.25″ x 1.8″ – Blade Dimensions 8″ x 1.8″
  • Color Black – Handle Material Plastic – Blade Material Stainless Steel
  • Rocker Blade Design
  • Non-stick coating and 10 integrated holes in the blade

Amazon’s Product Description:

Specifically designed to prevent sticking and make cutting easier. This chef’s knife is perfect for sushi, but would work great for cutting almost anything. The non-stick coating and integrated holes in the blade help to prevent food from sticking. This will allow you to cut faster, easier and more frustration free. The coating allows this knife to glide effortlessly through raw fish, vegetables, meats, cheeses and more. The 10 “vents” along the edge of the blade not only reduce sticking, but they also make the knife lighter and more easy to handle. This aeration allows for more air flow in order to reduce friction while preventing the suctioning action that makes food stick. This knife will glide through sushi rolls and resist sticking to rice. It features a super sharp blade made from stainless steel and an ergonomic handle design. A large 8 inch blade makes it the perfect size for any number of food preparation tasks. Stop food from sticking to your knife and make cutting and chopping easier.

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4 thoughts on “Non-stick Sushi Chef’s Knife On Sale ONLY $7.80! ~ Great gift for any cook!”

  1. LarryShauni Romano

    Got one of these a while back & it’s my go-to knife now. It definitely makes cutting sushi easier 😉

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