Now that I have it….where do I put it???

Below are just 2 of the many emails I get asking me where I store all my thrifty deals,

Here’s my purpose for writing – I live in a pretty average sized home – with a pretty average sized kitchen, pantry, garage, etc.  We have an average refrigerator/freezer and we have another freezer in the garage. I’m curious where people stash all the stuff they accumulate.  We have a linen closet full of toilet paper, paper towels, sunblocks, mosquito repellent, deodorant, soap, toothpaste, etc.  And my pantry is just about dangerous to open for fear of being attacked by falling food. I’m really curious where else people go with all this stuff.  I get more than we consume right now and I’m good with that right now because I’d like to continue to have a little more of a buffer in this economy for my little family, but barring finding a box of cereal when I open my glove compartment, I’m looking for creativity!

I’ve been struggling with storing all my ‘thrifty’ deals. I remember reading a while back that you lived in a smaller home, so where are you keeping everything?  Would you mind blogging with pictures of how you are storing and where you are keeping everything. My friend and I are contemplating on buying storage drawers or baskets to keep everything but would like to avoid that cost if possible.

IMG_1581First I have to say I can not believe I am showing you this photo…. Ahhhhhh.  It is not all neat and perfect like I wish it was.  But once again I am going to swallow my pride, and show you the not so pretty parts of my life, in order to try and help you!

I get asked questions like this  daily, and yes I live in a very small 900 sq ft house, so space is a huge issue.  I have one tiny pantry that fits a small amount of food in it but one shopping trip will fill it up.  We went ahead and bought a large stand up freezer and have it in our garage.  We also bought 2 large sturdy shelving units from Home Depot. ( I say sturdy because we made the mistake of buying cheap  ones first and the weight of the food made them fall apart)  We have the 2 storage shelves set up in our garage.  But here is the thing, you have  make sure your garage is insulated and will stay cool or the heat will make your food go bad.

I keep all the personal care products in my walk in closet, and laundry room.  Some day I DREAM of getting a larger home with a huge storage room. Where I can store all the food my little heart desires and have it perfect and in order.  But till that day my garage works just fine.  I do have to say, only store what your family will be able to use.  I have made the mistake of going over board and buying so much of something just because it was a good deals, that it goes bad before my family can eat it all.  I now have a certain spot for each item, so when the “granola bar spot” is full, I know that I can’t buy any more because I will have no were to store them.   This helps me stock up on the items my family will eat and use. So watch those dates, rotate your food, and keep in it a cool, dry place.

What tips so you have for storing food?  I would love to hear from you all!

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