013We got up early this morning and took the kids fishing ( still did not catch anything).  They have so much fun casting their little poles into the water and reeling them back in.   Even my little Maleeya gets in on the fun saying ” round and round”  then does it all over again.  We fished for a few hours, then came home, little Matthew jumped out of our excursion and fell to the ground in pain.  I knew something was really wrong because me is such a tuff little guy. He is tiny and frail, but never complains.  As many of you know he was born missing half his heart, and spent the first 3 years of his life in and out of the hospital.  He has learned to deal with pain, and is an example to me, of how to face life with a smile.

I scooped him up off the driveway and carried him inside, he refused to move his foot.  He was shaking, and turned very blue due to his little heart over working due to the pain he was in.  His oxygen saturation were only around 77%  ( which is normal for him in an event like this)  He wanted me to hold him and kept saying, mommy I am just in a lot of pain.  So we took him in to get an x ray and sure enough he had broken both the bones in his ankle.  So he got a soft cast, and in a few days he will go back in for a hard cast.  He will not be able to walk on it for a few weeks and due to low muscle tone is not going to be able to use crutches.  So it looks like we will have to get him a little wheel chair to get around in.  What a way to start the first week of school!

So sorry the Sunday deals match ups are not done yet…..I will try to work on them.  But it has been a long day and my little boy needed his Mommy today!

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